Tomato Hornworms How to get rid of them – GardenFork #15

Tomato Hornworms How to get rid of them - GardenFork #15

Tomato Hornworms can destroy a tomato patch. We use organic methods to get rid of Tomato Hornworms. Subscribe Here: More Tomato growing Vids:

This tomatoe worm can destroy your plants very quickly, best to deal with them as soon as you see them. You can feed them to chickens, if you like.

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20 thoughts on “Tomato Hornworms How to get rid of them – GardenFork #15

  1. Saw a HUGE hornworm munching on our yellowbell plant today, here in Phoenix, AZ. It was a feisty little fellow! It kept trying to slug me!!

  2. Fuck, I just threw mine into the community pool (growing tomatoes on an apartment porch) chopping them with scissors is the backup

  3. Yeah you don't have to chop them in half, and enjoy it. Man you're heartless. You said there were only 5 just move them to a tree or something, sell them. You don't need to kill living things like that. And I know it hard to believe, but moths and butterflies are really beneficial for plants, so really they're repaying the damage lol. Check it online ?

  4. why not put the parasitized ones in a jar and release the wasps when they're done with it. That would ensure more wasps survive as well as give your sacrificial tomato plant a chance to refoliate.

  5. We had a few of these in the arid Southwest and weren't quite sure what they were. They were kinda cute, despite devastating the plants, so I had conflicting opinions seeing the guts of that one being cut out in the video (but then I went to replay that one part, "lol" so I guess that says enough)
    Then I called over my mother to watch the gut-spilling scene with me and she was horrified. Aw well

  6. this video is exactly what I needed! I have been feeding these worms to my chickens, but then I found one that had all the parasites from the WASP on it and it freaked me out! I didn't know what it was!

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