Upper Body Fat Burner!

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  2. i just want to lose some chest fat and stomach fat I have left over from when I was overweight as a kid. I put on a good 30 pounds of muscle after I lost 60 pounds, but my stomach & chest fat never really completely went away.

  3. Your body contains the hormone which handles 100% capability to burn fat, it is Leptin. To losing weight efficiently, you must know how you can accelerate your metabolism.

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  6. If you do my workouts and eat a clean diet you will not get bigger! When you do workouts make sure that you are working hard, you will see results faster and if you eat a good diet of 6 small meals a day with lean protein in every meal and vegetables, fruits and whole grains and nuts. Try to not eat white sugar or white flour and if you do only a little. Drink only water! Remember to Workout Hard to where you are breathing and sweating and results will come. Halie

  7. i saw your video,great workout for upper arm.im having stress just seeing my arms,they are getting big ,12 inch around.omg.they r hard like if workout,but i dont,never in my life.i scared i might get buffer.what do u reccomend?thanks

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